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Marti’s Monthly

Here is your much anticipated update on Marti! You’ll be happy to know that he’s been busy climbing to greater and greater heights. Coincidentally, so has our Real Estate market! 😉 As seen here, Marti occasionally sneaks out with his (human) sister Amy to take in the magnificent views from above while I continue to work hard to sell and find properties for my clients so they can do the same!

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Tahoe Mountain Club — An Intro to Tahoe

What is the Tahoe Lifestyle and how does Tahoe Mountain Club serve as a direct portal to it? If you want to experience the Tahoe Lifestyle, but don’t know the first thing about it or you know what it is, but feel as though you want more, then you’ve come to the right place. Tahoe Mountain Club led the way for me and my family when we first started visiting Tahoe. We knew we wanted to experience the best Tahoe Life had to offer, but didn’t know how or where to get it. We love the outdoors and love to hike, but where should we go?  Will the hike be suitable for the kids? Will it be exciting enough?  Oh my gosh! Where does this trail lead? Will we get lost?  

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My Reasons for Choosing Tahoe

Having called Tahoe home now for over twenty years, I have come to realize that there are many advantages to living the Tahoe Life. Being a proud mother of three (two grown kids and one dog), I find that living in Tahoe facilitates time spent with those three very important facets of my life. Even though both my children live in other parts of the country, they always want to come visit me here, which always makes me happy. When they are not here visiting, my dog Marty and I go everywhere together, as Tahoe could not be any more dog friendly. Whether we’re out hiking on our favorite trail or snowshoeing among Tahoe’s Jeffrey pine trees, we both love being so connected to nature, as it never ceases to amaze and enliven the spirit. I hope you enjoy my blog, as I like sharing with those who are not as familiar with the area, the many reasons for choosing Tahoe.

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