Tahoe Mountain Club — An Intro to Tahoe

Tahoe Mountain Club—The Best of Tahoe, Every Time

What is the Tahoe Lifestyle and how does Tahoe Mountain Club serve as a direct portal to it? If you want to experience the Tahoe Lifestyle, but don’t know the first thing about it or you know what it is, but feel as though you want more, then you’ve come to the right place. Enter Tahoe Mountain Club.

Tahoe Mountain Club led the way for me and my family when we first started visiting Tahoe. We knew we wanted to experience the best Tahoe Life has to offer, but didn't know how to get it or where to get it. We love the outdoors and love to hike, but where should we go?  Will the hike be suitable for the kids? Will it be exciting enough? Oh my gosh! Where does this trail lead? Will we get lost?  

Tahoe Mountain Club and their programming led the way. Tahoe Mountain Club planned a guided tour for my family which included lunch, a caravan to the trail head, and a guided historical hike leading to panoramic views, and best of all, we met other families with stories and experiences to share. This was just  the beginning of building a sense of belonging and community in our new home away from home.

What is Tahoe Mountain Club (TMC)?

  • Truckee/Tahoe’s all-encompassing social club offering exclusive access to four season amenities and unique programming
  • Highly curated member engagement programming for you, your family and your guests that puts you right at the center of it all

As new home owners we really only new Tahoe as a winter destination. TMC introduced us to Sand Harbor on the Lake. As a family we had never experienced kayaking, paddle boarding or Lake Tahoe in general. TMC organized a Sand Harbor day providing lunch, paddle boards, kayaks which made it an easy introduction to a beautiful Lake spot we still frequent today.  We all made new friends and soon invested in our own kayaks and paddle boards. We also became true four-season lovers of Tahoe.

Through membership in TMC, the door leading to the very best of Tahoe Life is opened for you—every time.

Tahoe Mountain Club is your Key to a Whole New Exclusive Way to Experience Tahoe Mountain Life

  • Old Greenwood — Old Greenwood, located just outside downtown Truckee, is home to the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course and Old Greenwood Golf Academy. It is also where TMC members can access the Pavilion, Old Greenwood’s private state-of-the-art fitness facility and spa. On-site wellness classes are available to all members plus two outdoor pools, a kiddie Splash & Play Zone, and the Bearfoot Bar & Grill.

My family and I have made countless memories at Old Greenwood and the Pavilion. One of my son's favorite memories is Father-Son Golf Day at Old Greenwood. 4th of July weekends are simply the best there: great food, great company, and fun games. For me, it's just effortless fun!


  • Gray’s Crossing — Home to the Peter Jacobsen/Jim Hardy-designed championship golf course and the Gray’s Crossing Pool and Fitness Center—as well as PJ’s Bar & Grill—members gain exclusive access to high-end amenity. The Fitness Center at Gray’s offers several indoor and outdoor hot tubs, an outdoor family pool where food and drink can be ordered via PJ’s waitstaff, plus an array of state-of-the-art fitness equipment. The lawn at PJ’s, host to a lineup of music events, is the go-to for family fun, community, and high-quality entertainment.

I can be found at Gray's nearly every Tuesday night in the summer.  The live music and family atmosphere is the way life should be with great music playing, dancing, kids doing cartwheels in the grass and all with the most amazing mountain backdrop.


  • Northstar, CA — TMC members gain exclusive access to the Alpine Club, a private haven for TMC members—gondola adjacent, in the Village at Northstar. This is where Tahoe après ski rituals are experienced, ski gear stored and laid out, warm beverages and cocktails are served, and hearty pre-ski breakfasts can be enjoyed, all by an attentive staff, ready to serve.

My family ended up purchasing a property in the Village at Northstar.  The Alpine Club soon became our go-to place after a day of skiing.  So fun to invite friends to meet for a bite to eat or a cocktail, knowing that the kids were close either in the movie room or, as they got older, hanging out with friends by the Northstar iceskating rink.

  • At the top of Northstar’s Zephyr chairlift TMC members can access Schaffer’s Camp - Oh my!  What a treat for all. There’s nothing better than popping in on a cold winter's day for a warm beverage or to bask in the sun on a warmer winter's day out on the sundeck. It’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of the other mountain restaurants where ski boots are exchanged for woolen slippers, craft cocktails are sipped, and homemade chili is offered, all of which warm the soul before heading back out into Northstar’s world-class ski terrain—a truly elevated experience.


This is just a hint of what Tahoe Mountain Club affords its members. Want to learn more about Tahoe Mountain Club and the full extent of its programming? Call me today and I can share my TMC story with you and much more! Bottom line, TMC is just a great choice. And I should know—I've lived it!

The best of Tahoe awaits, lucky for you it’s just a call away.