A Local Agent and Remodels Matter

There’s a story behind every property that I have sold over the years. I find it interesting and fun to reminisce and connect the dots and 6034 Mill Camp is no exception.

Family friends who are a prominent mother and daughter real estate team owned 6034 Mill Camp. We stayed in touch over the years and when it came time to sell their condominium, they contacted me to be their listing agent. As seasoned real estate agents in the Bay Area this mother and daughter very easily could have listed and sold the property themselves, but they recognized the value of having a local agent represent them. I was honored!

At the time there were several Indian Hills properties in Northstar for sale. A young couple inquired about a different property that was for sale and we scheduled time for them to view the condo they were interested in. However, this property did not click for them. I then took the couple to my friends 6034 Mill Camp listing and could still see hesitation on their faces. I tried to explain various updates I had seen other homeowners complete. I was lucky enough to have a client who was in the middle of a remodel. With the client’s approval who was remodeling at the time, I was able to allow the young couple to see the project in action.

While walking the uncertain couple through this amazing transformation I saw the eureka moment in both of their eyes!  “Lisa you are so right! The location, the view and now the inspiration.”  The young couple shared after the walk through of the remodel that the husband too was a licensed real estate agent in Southern California. Without missing a beat, he asked me to represent him in the purchase of the property. He and his lovely wife dove into the remodel with one of my favorite contractors and this new family became regulars at one of the most sought-after resort towns in Tahoe.

After years of enjoying their new remodel they recently decided to list their property with me and within days their masterpiece was under contract and sold above asking! I love seeing and being a part of these transformations.

Enjoy the After and Before!